Sunday, May 17, 2009

e-Power strikes back - The first Calendar airfare display has been launched for the Romanian OTAs

When planning a vacation, most of the end users are flexible with their travel dates, being more price sensitive than schedule sensitive. In order to ensure that the information provided matches their needs, a powerful +/-3 day search flexibility can be used in one shot for both outbound and inbound dates.

The long-waited feature of Master Pricer Calendar has been recently implemented in Amadeus Agency Internet Engine (e-Power) IBE and launched on the Romanian market in pilot phase.

The Calendar display improves end-consumers perception of their Online Agency in that it provides them with a reliable and friendly calendar but more than anything a clear visibility of their travel flexibility versus budget.

This new feature increases sales volumes and conversion rates as the end user is proposed the best deals available on the market, enhancing the shopping experience, spotting the best fare in the market at a single glance and in a matter of seconds . The end users can find exactly what they want and do not need to go anywhere else.

Try now this new feature on and (more customers to follow very soon) by searching with +/- 3 days flexibility.

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