Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Amadeus Ideas - the innovation website dedicated to the travel industry

Amadeus Ideas website showcases several innovative applications under development which are not yet ready to be released.

Currently there are four applications opened for beta testing (for your own personal, non-commercial use): Mobile Travel Wallet (MTW), Widget Travel Wallet (WTW), Light Travel Wallet (LTW), Wallaby.

The first three applications (MTW, WTW and LTW) have the same goal but they can be used in different environments (mobile and desktop applications). Currently, the applications handle your trip information including the most recent updates (delay, rebookings) for:
  • your flight
  • your flight status
  • your hotel
  • your rental car
  • weather forecast at the location of your trip;
  • a map of the location of your trip.
Book your trip now with an Amadeus travel agent and then check your latest travel status directly from your mobile phone or desktop.

If you own a Blackberry or a Java enabled phone don't miss your chance to download Mobile Travel Wallet and try it for yourself (MTW is a multi-language application and includes also a Romanian version). Of course, the IPhone users are not forgotten and the IPhone version (Light Travel Wallet) can be found here .

Once you have installed these applications on your mobile device you can use them anytime you travel by entering your last name and the Amadeus Reservation Number of your trip into application. Your trip information will be saved on your mobile to be reviewed in offline mode at a later time (no connection cost) but, in any moment, you will be able to connect to Amadeus service to update the travel information.

Widget Travel Wallet is the desktop application to install on your PC or Macintosh to display your trip information. It is also integrated with Google Desktop and iGoogle.

If you enjoyed Amadeus applications or interested to propose new improvements please leave your mark here.

Note: All the above prototypes are still under development and they might be discontinued without early notice and might have some errors.

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